“Brooklyn-based artist Rachel Goldsmith weaves magical works in plastic with a 3Doodler pen. Her most recent exhibit, “Tracks,” […] is made up of a series of works that engage the tension between science and art as well as technology and handicraft.”— Brian Krassenstein, 3dprintboard.com

Wrap Around 14: Rachel Goldsmith, Nikolina Kovalenko and James Rauchman opens at ARENA at Suite 806

How Artists are Using 3D Printing

Rachel Goldsmith Makes Fine Art by “Painting in Plastic” using her 3Doodler 

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FEATURED ARTIST: Rachel Goldsmith

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Artist Weaves Giant Spider Web with 3D-Printing Pen

Rachel Goldsmith: Artist in 3Doodler

Painting with Plastic

“Tracks” at Matted LIC Gallery in Long Island City

MoMA Art Display: Metamorphosis Lamp

Inside the Faberge Big Egg Hunt: Meet three of the egg artists

Chappaqua Daily Voice

Stamps – Michigan School of Art and Design

Art Crasher: Artist in Focus

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