3D Print Design Show

3D Print Design Show
April 16-17, 2015


Created by extruding PLA through the 3Doodler, Rachel Goldsmith’s artwork lies at an interesting intersection in the world of 3D printing— a world which normally stands as an opposite to manual arts. The repetitive nature of 3D printing when undertaken by machines is here converted to one that is carried out by hand—a mind-clearing practice that yields intricate art.

From http://www.3dprintdesignshow.com

The 3D Print Design Show, taking place April 16-17 as part of 3D Print Week NY, will showcase the design capabilities of 3D printing with hands-on exhibits and interactive displays. Join us for stunning 3D printed pieces of architecture, fashion, interior design, and consumer goods.

Taking place within the 3D Print Design show will be the 3D Print Art Show and 3D Print Fashion show, where attendees will enjoy innovative pieces of fine art and fashion through carefully-curated displays, runway events, and more.

Registration for the 3D Print Design Show is free, and also grants access to the 3D Print Art Show, 3D Print Fashion Show, and the Inside 3D Printing exhibit hall.